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विक्शनरी:New entry creation tool

Wiktionary कडल्यान

There is a need for a form or wizard to help create a new entry in the Wiktionary. In the absence of a form or wizard, new entries have to be created in an editing window, which is much more inconvenient and time consuming. At present, there is a an Excel form that can be used to create new Wiktionary entries that automatically includes Wiki-formatting, but this has the following disadvantages:

  1. It has to be distributed to new users, and to all users when the form is updated.
  2. Access to the software Excel is needed.
  3. The text needs to be manually transferred to an editing window.

We would like to have a form for this purpose on-Wiki.

Examples of new entry creation forms / wizards / tools in other Wiktionaries[बदल]

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मिडियाविकी:Newentrywiz.js created starting with the code from the English Wiktionary, and adapting it to the Konkani Wiktionary. However, work on it has been stopped, as it seems that it's best to start coding from scratch than to adapt the enwiktionary code. Supporting page मिडियाविकी:Usenec also created.

Phabricator task: T332499