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This is a guide for the layout of an entry in the Konkani Wiktionary.

Below is a model outline for an entry given in English. Do not use this version for creating an entry as it is only provided for understanding. You must use either the Romi or Devanagari versions (you can see them using the links above)


===Alternative forms===
====In different dialects====
====Spelling variations====

===Etymology (Origin of the word)===

* <Phonetic transcriptions>
* <Audio files in any relevant dialects>

===<Part of speech 1 (noun, verb, etc.)>===
'''<Headword line>''' ''<gender>'' ''<type of verb: transitive, intransitive ..>'' 
# <Meaning 1>
#* <Quotations>
# <Meaning 2>
#* <Quotations>

====Plural==== <for nouns and adjectives>

====Declensions==== <for nouns and adjectives>

<Declension table for nouns / adjectives>

====Conjugations==== <for verbs>

<Conjugation table for verbs>

* <Language 1>: <Translation>
* <Language 2>: <Translation>
* <Language 3>: <Translation>

===<Part of speech 2 (noun, verb, etc.)>===
'''<Headword line>''' ''<gender>'' ''<type of verb: transitive, intransitive ..>'' 
# <Meaning 1>
#* <Quotations>

==Other language 1 in which the same word exists==

==Other language 2 in which the same word exists==

==See also==
[[Category:Vorgan ghalunk naslolim panam]]


  • It is important to write atleast one sentence in Konkani explaining the meaning of the word.
  • For Konkani nouns, try to include information about the gender: masculine, feminine or neuter. This information is important.
  • The words in angle brackets < > are meant to be replaced or the line removed completely.
  • For each part of speech, in addition to antonyms and synonyms, you may also consider adding information like: hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms, holonyms, troponyms, coordinate terms, derived terms, related terms, and descendants.
  • All the sections described above are not compulsory. If you don’t have the necessary expertise, resources or time, you have no obligation to add them, with the possible exception of “References”. It is also possible to add sections in addition to those described above.
  • It is important to add references to each meaning or translation. Any content without references is liable to be deleted.
  • Entry pages may include relevant images
  • In case the same word occurs in different languages, they are to be entered on the same page. The entry title for the Konkani word will be at the top, followed by the entries for the other languages.
  • You can replace 'Category:Vorgan ghalunk naslolim panam' at the bottom by 'Category:Konknni utram', 'कोंकणी उतरां', 'Category:Inglez utram', etc.
  • You are encouraged to use the Konkani names for the parts of speech instead:
    • नाम / Nam : Noun
    • सर्वनाम / Sorvnam : Pronoun
    • विशेशण / Vixexonn : Adjective
    • क्रियापद / Kriyapod : Verb
    • क्रियाविशेशण / Kriyavixexonn : Adverb
    • उदगार / Udgar : Interjection

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