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Ho zaun asa Wiktionaricho Tintto! Hangasor akhea somudaien Wiktionary vixim bhasabhas korunk zata.

हो जावन आसा विक्शनरीचो तिंटो! हांगासर आख्या समुदायेन विक्शनरी विशीं भासाभास करुंक जाता।

Thanks for setting this up[बदल]

Thanks to @The Discoverer for setting up this Tinto here on the Konkani Wiktionary, a project some of us would like to see take wings. --Fredericknoronha (talk) 11:28, 5 November 2018 (UTC)

Why we need to be discussing here[बदल]

Over the past 2-3 days, some of us interested in setting up a Konkani Wiktionary have set up a small WhatsApp group, and have been discussing issue there. While WhatsApp might be a useful way to stay in touch, discuss while on the go, and brainstorm, as a fora it also has certain limitations. @The Discoverer has rightly pointed out in a WhatsApp post: "If we take any decision here [on WhatsApp], people from Wikimedia can't see that there has been a discussion process behind it. Secondly, they don't know how active the community is if we keep discussing here. So can we continue to have some informal chatter here [on WhatsApp], but let the Tinto be the mainstay, specially for important discussions?" Just sharing this point of view, and saying I agree with it fully. Guys, if you're serious about a Konkani Wiktionary, please come here often and post your comments. PS: Currently, there are 13 participants on the WhatsApp group, which was founded among those who showed an interest in such technical and Wiktionary-related issues -- Fr Luis, Isidore Dantas 1, The Discoverer, Ananth, Animesh, Darshan and me (Fredericknoronha). --Fredericknoronha (talk) 11:40, 5 November 2018 (UTC)

Update of what was discussed[बदल]

This is a kind of summary (may not be comprehensive, or fully accurate) of what was discussed on the WhatsApp group so far:

  • The focus of the group is to discuss Konkani Wiktionary issues. Only on-topic, only polite discussions pls:: @Fredericknoronha
  • Some discussions on which platform could help -- Wiktionary, WordNet, WordWeb or Ding :: Multiple discussants
  • Proposed to start with Konkani Wiktionary in the incubator. :: @The Discoverer
  • Konkani Wiktionary Test wiki info page created by @The Discoverer :: http://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wt/gom
  • Darshan, Fr Luis, Isidore, Fredericknoronha and The Discoverer added as community members. And @Banduji.
  • Simple main page created by @The Discoverer. https://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiktionary:Tinto
  • Requirements to launch Wiktionary: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Language_proposal_policy :: @The Discoverer
  • Please express your support here: https://meta.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requests_for_new_languages/Wiktionary_Konkani
  • MediaWiki core messages need translation: https://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Manual
  • At present, only 18% of Mediawiki-core is is translated into Konkani.
  • Request to Isidore Dantas1 to help with http://translatewiki.net and Konkani there
  • Specimen of a short entry:Antenatal
  • Discussion over language use, whether English-to-Konkani entries okay.
  • See examples from other Wiktionaries (for the layout of pages): Usually, the first is a definition of the word in the language of a particular Wiktionary, and below is the translation in other languages. I think sometimes they also have example sentences. They also give references. (Update: See below section regarding entry layout) --The Discoverer.
  • Example of a Wiktionary page: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Konkani (with meanings, synonyms, etc)
  • Let's get moving. If we have 10 volunteers offering to input 10 words a day, we could be on track. Then, the language experts could correct and improve those words. (I'm seeing an opportunity in copyright-expired dictionaries and Creative Common-ed dictionaries, like Isidore's.) At the same time, we can ask Isidore and others to translate the tech strings awaiting translation at the site mentioned above. ::Fredericknoronha
  • Need to standardise page structure (entry layout). To avoid the need to rework later.
  • Requirements for a Konkani Wiktionary listed here: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requests_for_new-languages/Wiktionary_Konkani
  • Suggested with start with smaller, do-able goals: 10 volunteers each pledging to do 10 words a day. Maybe an initial target of a basic, 3000-word Wiktionary.
  • Need to have discussions on the Wiktionary Tinto (for openness, and record). See above.
  • Statistics for the Konkani Wiktionary (under incubation) are as follows https://tools.wmflabs.org/meta/catanalysis/index.php?cat=0&title=wt/gom&wiki=incubatorwiki --Fredericknoronha (talk) 12:19, 5 November 2018 (UTC)

Strot / Sources[बदल]

We are fortunate to have some free sources available for the Konkani Wiktionary. I have listed some sources that we can use at the following location: Wiktionary:Strot. Please go through them, make use of them and add any other sources that you know of. The Discoverer (talk) 12:39, 5 November 2018 (UTC)

Name for the Konkani Wiktionary[बदल]

We have to select a name for the Konkani Wiktionary. Some options that I would throw in are: Wiktionary, Wikxonar, Wiki-utravoll, Wikixobdkox. Please give your opinions. The Discoverer (talk) 16:46, 5 November 2018 (UTC)

I am with wikixobdkox Konknni mogi 24 (talk)

Entry layout[बदल]

Please go through the Entry Layout guide of the English Wiktionary and try to imbibe the main principles when creating entries in the Konkani Wiktionary. In particular see the section 'A very simple example' to understand the basics.

I suggest that as a bare minimum we use level 2 headings (two equal signs) to mark sections for each language we are giving the meaning in. Also, please place your entry either in Category:Konknni utram or Category:Inglez utram.

I have tried to implement the above for two entries: Dhatu and Diploma.

The Discoverer (talk) 20:37, 5 November 2018 (UTC)

I have created an entry layout guide for the Konkani Wiktionary. Please feel free to suggest improvements. The Discoverer (talk) 21:17, 9 November 2018 (UTC)

Feedback about the Konkani Wiktionary[बदल]

I had requested the Language Committee to evaluate the Konkani Wiktionary project, and we have received feedback from a member of the committee. You can read the conversation here.

The main points highlighted for improvement are as follows:

  1. Interface translation on TranslateWiki.net has to be done. I will try to coordinate with Isidore, Fr. Luis and others for this.
  2. For several entries, we have only provided translations from Konkani to English or English to Konkani. He says "the first purpose is not to be a Konkani-English or Konkani-Portuguese dictionary, but to be a Konkani dictionary." That means that for every entry, we have to write a small description in Konkani.
  3. Entries for non-Konkani words should contain a small description in Konkani, and a link to the Konkani word, but not much other content. Other related content should be on the entry for the Konkani word.
  4. At the moment, the number of pages in the Wiktionary is small.
  5. The proportion of Devanagari entries is small at the moment.
  6. We need to involve more contributors and grow the community. The member commented that: "Right now, this is mostly your show, and LangCom is reluctant to approve projects that seem like one-person creations."
    • We will try to have one or more workshops for the Wiktionary in Goa in May; this could help us to address points 4, 5 and 6 above.
  7. We also need to try to improve the quality of our entries. For example, we should have references for our entries.

Whenever you create entries, please try to keep the above points in mind.

The Discoverer (talk) 19:14, 25 April 2019 (UTC)

Wiktionary Workshop Held at St. Xavier's College[बदल]

Today ( 16 th May 2019) Wiktionary workshop was held at St. Xavier's College Mapusa Goa. The resource person for the workshop was The Discoverer. Special invitee for the workshop was Hariet for Mangalore. Altogether 9 persons attended the workshop.--Konknni mogi 24 (talk) 14:34, 16 May 2019 (UTC)

Konkani Wiktionary Excel form[बदल]

We have created a Microsoft Excel form that helps to easily generate entries for the Konkani Wiktionary with the proper Wiki-markup formatting. If you would like to have this file, please ask me or another of the regular contributors to the Konkani Wiktionary. The Discoverer (talk) 05:38, 27 November 2019 (UTC)

Wiktionary meeting held at St. Xavier's College, Mapusa[बदल]

A Konkani Wiktionary meet-up was held at St. Xavier's College, Mapusa, Goa at 4pm on 7 Dec 2019. All the members of the meta:Wikipedians of Goa User Group were invited via the WhatsApp group.

The attendees at the meeting were: Konknni mogi 24, Melissa Simoes, John Noronha, Fredericknoronha and The Discoverer

  • The present status of the Konkani Wiktionary and Wikipedia were discussed.
  • The continuous and ongoing contributions of Isidore Dantas1 on the Wiktionary and Darshan kandolkar on the Wikipedia were highlighted.
  • One of the points that came out of this discussion was that the aim should be not just to get the Wiktionary approved, but rather to build a community of contributors so that the project will sustain in the long term.
  • The attendees appreciated the work of new editors, especially SerTanmay on Goa-related topics on the English Wikipedia.
  • The attendees agreed to try to each do 11 edits per month on the Wiktionary.
  • The comments from the Wikimedia Language Committee review of the Wiktionary project in November 2019 were presented. The committee member had expressed satisfaction about the activity level but pointed out that we are lagging in the interface translation, which is also mandatory in order for the Wiktionary to be approved.
  • Konknni mogi 24, Melissa Simoes and John Noronha volunteered to work on the interface translation. It was decided to start with the transliteration of the strings that are already available in Romi into Devanagari.
  • The process of interface translation on translatewiki.net was demonstrated.
  • Konknni mogi 24 highlighted the importance of reviewing the interface translation work by each other.
  • In relation to the activity of translation of the software interface, the difficulties faced in translating computer terminology and the possibility of building a standard list of Konkani words for computer terms was discussed.
  • The possibility of introducing Wiki editing into university and college curriculum was discussed, which could help in having more activity on the Wiktionary and Wikipedia.
  • The working of the Wiktionary and the methods to create entries was demonstrated.
  • It was suggested that the Konkani Wiktionary new entry Excel form could be improved by adding a field for the references.
  • It was decided to try to hold the next meeting around 21-23 December. The attendees will work on creating entries and translating the interface in the meantime and then share their experiences in the next meeting.

The Discoverer (talk) 17:08, 9 December 2019 (UTC)

Help page for interface translation[बदल]

We had an informal meet up at St. Xavier's College on the morning of 30 December 2019. Konknni mogi 24, John Noronha, Darshan kandolkar and The Discoverer were present. This was like a follow-up to the previous meeting held in December, and we mainly spent time clearing queries and discussing about creating entries in the Wiktionary, the entry layout, and doing interface translations in translatewiki.net .

We decided that going ahead, we will keep the section titles of the entries in both, Romi and Devanagari so that all the entries will be accessible to more people. Konknni mogi 24 suggested that we can add audio files to the entries.

We also resolved to work on interface message translations in Devanagari Konkani of the 'Mediawiki Core' message group. In order to facilitate this, a help page to explain the process has been created:

आदार:Interface translation

Do go through this page, and suggest improvements if required, or if any additional explanation is needed. I have added a link to this page on the Konkani Wiktionary main page.

The Discoverer (talk) 18:31, 8 January 2020 (UTC)

When we met at St. Xavier's College on 30 December, we had decided that we will keep the section titles in both, Romi and Devanagari. However, after further discussions with Isidore Dantas and Konknni mogi 24, we came to the conclusion that it is best to keep the section titles in only one script, and that will be the script of the page title. Accordingly, we have created a new Excel form. This form works just the same as the previous form, the only difference is that there are tabs at the top of the form where you can choose either Romi or Devanagari, and then the form saves the text with headings in the respective script. If you would like to have this file, please ask me or another of the regular contributors to the Konkani Wiktionary. The Discoverer (talk) 15:03, 21 February 2020 (UTC)

Site settings discussion[बदल]

Good news! The Wikimedia Language Committee has released a notification that they intend to approve the Konkani Wiktionary project.

Before the site can be created, we, the Konkani Wiktionary community need to discuss and decide on some site settings. Please visit this page and provide your feedback on the page: Wiktionary:Initial site settings discussion . The Discoverer (talk) 16:05, 30 March 2020 (UTC)

All content imported[बदल]

@Isidore Dantas1 प्रणिता रेडकर Marlena fernandes The Discoverer Pooja d naik Shefali salgaonkar Sailee dessai Kajal Parsekar PRATIKSHA PARAB Arantxa Noronha Konknni mogi 24 QW90

Hello, all Konkani Wiktionary contributors, and welcome to the newly-created Konkani Wiktionary! I have imported all content here from the Incubator now, so you can start contributing here now. Be aware that a few software things aren't totally in place yet, so for a few days the visual editor will not work, so you have to edit in source mode for now. As a new wiki importer I have certain administrator permissions temporarily, so if you need help with e.g. deleting pages or something, I can help with that. If there is something urgent, you can always ask in the #wikimedia-stewards channel on IRC. Do let me know if you have any questions or requests, and I'll try to help as best I can! Jon Harald Søby (उलयात) 16:40, 21 मे 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

Thank you for your work, Jon Harald Søby :) . I took a quick look around, and I came across only one page that has been missed to import: incubator:Help:Wt/gom/Interface_translation.
You mentioned that Visual Editor will not work, but at the moment that's the default editing mode, and it's working :D . The first thing I had to do was to go to preferences and enable the Wiktext Editor tab. Since most of us in the Konkani Wikipedia editing community usually use Wikitext Editing, would it be possible for you to change the settings for everyone so that both, the Visual Editor and WikiText Editor tabs are enabled by default? Thanks once again! The Discoverer (उलयात) 00:52, 22 मे 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
@The Discoverer When I try to visually edit an existing page, the page is blank in visual editor. Are pages not blank for you? For creating new pages it should work, but for editing existing pages it will take some days before the content will appear.
As for enabling both tabs, that is easy to fix in the software, but we need consensus first. Could you please create a section about it on this page? After about a week has passed and there is consensus, the change can be made.
And the missing page has been imported now: आदार:Interface translation. Jon Harald Søby (उलयात) 21:57, 22 मे 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
Thanks for importing the page, Jon Harald Søby. You are right, the pages are blank in Visual Editor.. I didn't notice that. I have created a section below asking for feedback regarding the request for both tabs.
There was one odd thing I noticed, the main page has an interlanguage link (the link at the bottom in the sidebar) to aa.wiktionary.org . I haven't been able to figure out where that is coming from. Perhaps it will disappear once the database and all the Wikidata settings are sorted out?
Regards, The Discoverer (uloi) 22:24, 22 मे 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
Hello Jon Harald Søby, there are a few things that seem to be not working properly with regards to the Konkani Wiktionary. Could you please take a look?
  1. The main page has an interlanguage link (the link at the bottom in the sidebar) to aa.wiktionary.org .
  2. The page statistics are all zero.
  3. I now have temporary admin privileges on the Konkani Wiktionary, but when I go to Special:Import, it says that 'No wikis from which to import have been defined and direct history uploads are disabled.'
The Discoverer (uloi) 12:55, 1 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
Hi The Discoverer!
The first issue is weird indeed, I don't know why that one link is there. All new wikis usually use the aa wiki as a template (so new Wikipedias use aa.wikipedia, new Wiktionaries use aa.wiktionary), but I don't know where the actual link is coming from – it doesn't seem to be in the source of the page nor in any Wikidata item. However, I'm fairly certain that this will resolve itself once Wikidata support is enabled (follow progress in Phabricator), which should happen some time next week unless something unforeseen happens.
The second issue (Special:Statistics) seems to have resolved itself.
The fifth issue is indeed because no import sources are defined. I suggest you start a new section here asking to be able to import from e.g. the Konkani Wikipedia, from Incubator, from the English Wiktionary or whichever wikis you feel a need to import from, then we can enable that in the settings once a consensus has been reached. As usual, please let me know if you need any help! :-) Jon Harald Søby (उलयात) 16:25, 1 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

Thank you for your reply, Jon Harald Søby

  • It's surprising that the Statistics page which was not working a few hours ago is working now.. perhaps it was waiting for you to visit it :)
  • Regarding importing, I may be wrong, but on the Konkani Wikipedia, by default we were able to import from all the Wikimedia wikis. Nevertheless, I have opened a section below asking to be able to import from certain wikis.
  • There is another issue that is not specific to the Konkani Wiktionary, but affects the Konkani Wiktionary as well: [1] . Do you have any idea why this is happening?
  • Regarding my earlier request to enable both editing tabs for everyone, I think we can hold it for now, because the feedback from the community members is that once they switch to the Wikitext editing mode, from the next time onwards, they automatically go to Wikitext mode, so as it is a one-time thing, perhaps we don't need to enable both tabs for everyone.

The Discoverer (uloi) 16:52, 1 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

For importing it is common that only a few select wikis are chosen as potential import sources. You can see the import source configurations for various wikis here, under wgImportSources.
I replied to the rights log question where you asked it, so others who would see the question can see the answer as well. :-)
👍 for the editing tabs. Jon Harald Søby (उलयात) 18:37, 1 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
Thanks for the replies, Jon Harald Søby . I was wrong regarding the Konkani Wikipedia. InitialiseSettings.php has the task ID mentioned for gomwiki, and using that, I was able to trace back to the community discussion in gomwiki: [2] . The Discoverer (uloi) 18:50, 1 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
All Wikimedia wikis have their statistics reinitialized (recounted) twice a month, on the 1st and 15th. This wiki was just counted for the first time early in the morning of 1 June (between 05:00 and 06:00 UTC, if I'm not mistaken). - dcljr (उलयात) 06:10, 2 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
Hello Jon Harald Søby, it has been a week since I opened the section below about enabling imports from certain wikis. Could it be enabled now? Should I create a task in Phabricator? The Discoverer (uloi) 12:31, 8 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
Pinging Jon Harald Søby regarding enabling imports. The Discoverer (uloi) 19:12, 9 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
I have created a task in Phabricator for configuring the import sources. The Discoverer (uloi) 11:52, 11 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
Thanks for configuring the import, Jon Harald Søby.
Visual Editor is still not working properly. Is it normal to take so long?
The Discoverer (uloi) 13:45, 23 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
@The Discoverer, my pleasure! No, it shouldn't have taken this long. I asked the person who did it for the Awadhi Wikipedia to take a look at the same task for this wiki (phab:T253226). Jon Harald Søby (उलयात) 14:09, 23 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

Request for temporary adminship[बदल]

I would like to request for temporary adminship for 6 months, including interface administrator access, in order to perform various housekeeping tasks and to set up and import templates necessary for this new wiki. Please mention your support / objections if any below. The Discoverer (उलयात) 19:02, 22 मे 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

Enabling both, Visual Editor and Wikitext editing tabs by default everyone[बदल]

On this new site, clicking on 'बदल' / 'Bodol' opens the Visual Editor by default. I have requested for both, the Visual Editor, and the Wikitext editor ('मूल बदल' / 'Mull bodol') tabs to be shown by everyone by default. Please give us your opinion on this.

Note that even if it is not enabled for everyone by default, you can change this setting at any time for yourself in the preferences (Posonteo -> Editing -> Editing mode , पसंत्यो -> संपादन -> सम्पादन तरीका).

The Discoverer (uloi) 22:12, 22 मे 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

For a few days, until everything is configured properly, the page will be blank while using the Visual Editor. In that case, you can switch to the Wikitext editor by clicking on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the editing window and then selecting 'Source editing'. The Discoverer (uloi) 22:31, 22 मे 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

Requesting for deployment of new talk page tools on the Konkani Wiktionary[बदल]

We had discussed in the past about the different options available for discussion pages. I am requesting for new talk page tools (mainly the reply button) to be implemented in the Konkani Wiktionary. Please give your opinion / objections, if any, below. The Discoverer (uloi) 13:44, 23 मे 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

Discussion tools have been enabled on the Konkani Wiktionary (see Phabricator task). You can enable it in preferences (Posonteo > Beta sovloti > Discussion tools). I have proposed to have it enabled for all users by default, instead of individual users having to enable it manually. Kindly provide your opinion on this proposal. The Discoverer (uloi) 12:19, 10 फेब्रुवारी 2021 (IST)[जबाब]
Support Support - I support to enable discussion tools to all users by default, provided that they have the choice to opt out. AVSmalnad77 ಉಲ್ಲೇಯಾಂ 13:15, 10 फेब्रुवारी 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

Requesting for ability to import pages, templates, etc.[बदल]

I wish to request permission to import pages, templates, etc. from other Wiktionaries / Wikis into the Konkani Wiktionary. Please give your opinion below. Following are the wikis from which I am requesting permission to import from:

  • Konkani Wikipedia
  • Wikimedia Incubator
  • English Wikipedia
  • English Wiktionary
  • Portuguese Wiktionary
  • French Wiktionary

The Discoverer (uloi) 16:39, 1 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

I have created a task in Phabricator for this. The Discoverer (uloi) 11:52, 11 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
@The Discoverer Sorry, forgot to reply above. I'll file a patch to add this now! Jon Harald Søby (उलयात) 15:00, 11 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]
Tusen takk, Jon Harald Søby :) The Discoverer (uloi) 15:17, 11 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

Removed section titles in both scripts[बदल]

We had decided to move to keeping the section headings in only one script. Accordingly, I have replaced all multi-script section headings in all entries with single-script headings using the tool AutoWikiBrowser (AWB). The Discoverer (uloi) 23:34, 19 जून 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

Alternative of ShortURL extension[बदल]

Hi, I am Jay Prakash from meta:Indic-TechCom. First of all congratulation on your new project. I have seen that this community requested for ShortURL extension. But it was declined by the developer. So Indic-TechCom developed an alternative of ShortURL. See meta:Indic-TechCom/Tools/ShortUrlLink. You can install this user script for a Short URL. If you need any technical regarding Extention/Gadget help then ping me. Thank you--Jayprakash12345 (उलयात) 00:31, 6 जुलय 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

Thanks, Jayprakash12345. I have added it. Later, when the code stabilises on Meta, I think I will convert it into a local gadget so that it can be localised into Konkani. The Discoverer (uloi) 16:00, 6 जुलय 2020 (IST)[जबाब]

[Small wiki toolkits] Upcoming bots workshops: Understanding community needs[बदल]

Greetings, as you may be aware that as part of Small wiki toolkits - South Asia, we conduct a workshop every month on technical topics to help small wikis. In February, we are planning on organizing a workshop on the topic of bots. Bots are automated tools that carry out repetitive, tedious and mundane tasks. To help us structure the workshop, we would like understand the needs of the community in this regard. Please let us know any of

  • a) repetitive/mundane tasks that you generally do, especially for maintenance
  • b) tasks you think can be automated on your wiki.

Please let us your inputs on workshops talk page, before 7 February 2021. You can also let me know your inputs by emailing me or pinging me here in this section. Please note that you do not need to have any programming knowledge for this workshop or to give input. Regards, KCVelaga 19:15, 28 जानेवारी 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

Call for feedback: WMF Community Board seats & Office hours tomorrow[बदल]

(sorry for posting in English)

Dear Wikimedians,

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees is organizing a call for feedback about community selection processes between February 1 and March 14. Below you will find the problem statement and various ideas from the Board to address it. We are offering multiple channels for questions and feedback. With the help of a team of community facilitators, we are organizing multiple conversations with multiple groups in multiple languages.

During this call for feedback we publish weekly reports and we draft the final report that will be delivered to the Board. With the help of this report, the Board will approve the next steps to organize the selection of six community seats in the upcoming months. Three of these seats are due for renewal and three are new, recently approved.

Participate in this call for feedback and help us form a more diverse and better performing Board of Trustees!

Problems: While the Wikimedia Foundation and the movement have grown about five times in the past ten years, the Board’s structure and processes have remained basically the same. As the Board is designed today, we have a problem of capacity, performance, and lack of representation of the movement’s diversity. This problem was identified in the Board’s 2019 governance review, along with recommendations for how to address it.

To solve the problem of capacity, we have agreed to increase the Board size to a maximum of 16 trustees (it was 10). Regarding performance and diversity, we have approved criteria to evaluate new Board candidates. What is missing is a process to promote community candidates that represent the diversity of our movement and have the skills and experience to perform well on the Board of a complex global organization.

Our current processes to select individual volunteer and affiliate seats have some limitations. Direct elections tend to favor candidates from the leading language communities, regardless of how relevant their skills and experience might be in serving as a Board member, or contributing to the ability of the Board to perform its specific responsibilities. It is also a fact that the current processes have favored volunteers from North America and Western Europe. Meanwhile, our movement has grown larger and more complex, our technical and strategic needs have increased, and we have new and more difficult policy challenges around the globe. As well, our Movement Strategy recommendations urge us to increase our diversity and promote perspectives from other regions and other social backgrounds.

In the upcoming months, we need to renew three community seats and appoint three more community members in the new seats. What process can we all design to promote and choose candidates that represent our movement and are prepared with the experience, skills, and insight to perform as trustees?

Ideas: The Board has discussed several ideas to overcome the problems mentioned above. Some of these ideas could be taken and combined, and some discarded. Other ideas coming from the call for feedback could be considered as well. The ideas are:

  • Ranked voting system. Complete the move to a single transferable vote system, already used to appoint affiliate-selected seats, which is designed to best capture voters’ preferences.
  • Quotas. Explore the possibility of introducing quotas to ensure certain types of diversity in the Board (details about these quotas to be discussed in this call for feedback).
  • Call for types of skills and experiences. When the Board makes a new call for candidates, they would specify types of skills and experiences especially sought.
  • Vetting of candidates. Potential candidates would be assessed using the Trustee Evaluation Form and would be confirmed or not as eligible candidates.
  • Board-delegated selection committee. The community would nominate candidates that this committee would assess and rank using the Trustee Evaluation Form. This committee would have community elected members and Board appointed members.
  • Community-elected selection committee. The community would directly elect the committee members. The committee would assess and rank candidates using the Trustee Evaluation Form.
  • Election of confirmed candidates. The community would vote for community nominated candidates that have been assessed and ranked using the Trustee Evaluation Form. The Board would appoint the most voted candidates.
  • Direct appointment of confirmed candidates. After the selection committee produces a ranked list of community nominated candidates, the Board would appoint the top-ranked candidates directly.

Call for feedback: The call for feedback runs from February 1 until the end of March 14. We are looking for a broad representation of opinions. We are interested in the reasoning and the feelings behind your opinions. In a conversation like this one, details are important. We want to support good conversations where everyone can share and learn from others. We want to hear from those who understand Wikimedia governance well and are already active in movement conversations. We also want to hear from people who do not usually contribute to discussions. Especially those who are active in their own roles, topics, languages or regions, but usually not in, say, a call for feedback on Meta.

You can participate by joining the Telegram chat group, and giving feedback on any of the talk pages on Meta-Wiki. We are welcoming the organisation of conversations in any language and in any channel. If you want us to organize a conversation or a meeting for your wiki project or your affiliate, please write to me. I will also reach out to communities and affiliates to soon have focused group discussions.

An office hour is also happening tomorrow at 12 pm (UTC) to discuss this topic. Access link will be available 15 minutes before the scheduled time (please watch the office hour page for the link, and I will also share on mailing lists). In case you are not able to make it, please don't worry, there will be more discussions and meetings in the next few weeks.

Regards, KCVelaga (WMF) 22:00, 1 फेब्रुवारी 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

Wiki Loves Folklore 2021 is back![बदल]

Please help translate to your language

Wiki Loves Folklore Logo.svg

You are humbly invited to participate in the Wiki Loves Folklore 2021 an international photography contest organized on Wikimedia Commons to document folklore and intangible cultural heritage from different regions, including, folk creative activities and many more. It is held every year from the 1st till the 28th of February.

You can help in enriching the folklore documentation on Commons from your region by taking photos, audios, videos, and submitting them in this commons contest.

Please support us in translating the project page and a banner message to help us spread the word in your native language.

Kind regards,

Wiki loves Folklore International Team

MediaWiki message delivery (उलयात) 18:55, 6 फेब्रुवारी 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

[Small wiki toolkits] Bot workshop: 27 February[बदल]

As part of the Small wiki toolkits (South Asia) initiative, we are happy to announce the second workshop of this year. The workshop will be on "bots", and we will be learning how to perform tasks on wiki by running automated scripts, about Pywikibot and how it can be used to help with repetitive processes and editing, and the Pywikibot community, learning resources and community venues. Please note that you do not need any technical experience to attend the workshop, only some experience contributing to Wikimedia projects is enough.

Details of the workshop are as follows:

Please sign-up on the registration page at https://w.wiki/yYg.

Note: We are providing modest internet stipends to attend the workshops, for those who need and wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. More information on this can be found on the registration page.

Regards, Small wiki toolkits - South Asia organizers, 15:41, 18 फेब्रुवारी 2021 (IST)

Proposal: Set two-letter project shortcuts as alias to project namespace globally[बदल]

Please help translate to your language

Hello everyone,

I apologize for posting in English. I would like to inform everyone that I created a new global request for comment (GRFC) at Meta Wiki, which may affect your project: m:Requests for comment/Set short project namespace aliases by default globally.

In this GRFC, I propose that two-project shortcuts for project names will become a default alias for the project namespace. For instance, on all Wikipedias, WP will be an alias to the Wikipedia: namespace (and similar for other projects). Full list is available in the GRFC.

This is already the case for Wikivoyages, and many individual projects asked for this alias to be implemented. I believe this makes it easier to access the materials in the project namespace, as well as creating shortcuts like WP:NPOV, as well as helps new projects to use this feature, without having to figure out how to request site configuration changes first.

As far as I can see, Wiktionary currently does not have such an alias set. This means that such an alias will be set for you, if the GRFC is accepted by the global community.

I would like to ask all community members to participate in the request for comment at Meta-Wiki, see m:Requests for comment/Set short project namespace aliases by default globally.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about this proposal.

Best regards,
--Martin Urbanec (talk) 19:42, 18 फेब्रुवारी 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

WMF Community Board seats: Upcoming panel discussions[बदल]

As a result of the first three weeks of the call for feedback on WMF Community Board seats, three topics turned out to be the focus of the discussion. Additionally, a new idea has been introduced by a community member recently: Candidates resources. We would like to pursue these focus topics and the new idea appropriately, discussing them in depth and collecting new ideas and fresh approaches by running four panels in the next week. Every panel includes four members from the movement covering many regions, backgrounds and experiences, along with a trustee of the Board. Every panel will last 45 minutes, followed by a 45-minute open mic discussion, where everyone’s free to ask questions or to contribute to the further development of the panel's topics.

To counter spamming, the meeting link will be updated on the Meta-Wiki pages and also on the Telegram announcements channel, 15 minutes before the official start.

Let me know if you have any questions, KCVelaga (WMF), 14:06, 10 मार्च 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

[Small wiki toolkits] Workshop on "Debugging/fixing template errors" - 27 March[बदल]

As part of the Small wiki toolkits (South Asia) initiative, we are happy to announce the third workshop of this year. The workshop will be on "Debugging/fixing template errors", and we will learn how to address the common template errors on wikis (related but not limited to importing templates, translating them, Lua, etc.).

Note: We are providing modest internet stipends to attend the workshops, for those who need and wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. More information on this can be found on the registration page.

Regards, Small wiki toolkits - South Asia organizers, 12:31, 16 मार्च 2021 (IST)

[Small wiki toolkits] Workshop on "Designing responsive main pages" - 30 April (Friday)[बदल]

As part of the Small wiki toolkits (South Asia) initiative, we would like to announce the third workshop of this year on “Designing responsive main pages”. The workshop will take place on 30 April (Friday). During this workshop, we will learn to design main pages of a wiki to be responsive. This will allow the pages to be mobile-friendly, by adjusting the width and the height according to various screen sizes. Participants are expected to have a good understanding of Wikitext/markup and optionally basic CSS.

Details of the workshop are as follows:

If you are interested, please sign-up on the registration page at https://w.wiki/3CGv.

Note: We are providing modest internet stipends to attend the workshops, for those who need and wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. More information on this can be found on the registration page.

Regards, Small wiki toolkits - South Asia organizers, 21:21, 19 एप्रील 2021 (IST)

Call for Election Volunteers: 2021 WMF Board elections[बदल]

Hello all,

Based on an extensive call for feedback earlier this year, the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees announced the plan for the 2021 Board elections. Apart from improving the technicalities of the process, the Board is also keen on improving active participation from communities in the election process. During the last elections, Voter turnout in prior elections was about 10% globally. It was better in communities with volunteer election support. Some of those communities reached over 20% voter turnout. We know we can get more voters to help assess and promote the best candidates, but to do that, we need your help.

We are looking for volunteers to serve as Election Volunteers. Election Volunteers should have a good understanding of their communities. The facilitation team sees Election Volunteers as doing the following:

  • Promote the election and related calls to action in community channels.
  • With the support from facilitators, organize discussions about the election in their communities.
  • Translate “a few” messages for their communities

Check out more details about Election Volunteers and add your name next to the community you will support in this table. We aim to have at least one Election Volunteer, even better if there are two or more sharing the work. If you have any queries, please ping me under this message or email me. Regards, KCVelaga (WMF) 10:51, 12 मे 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

Candidates from South Asia for 2021 Wikimedia Foundation Board Elections[बदल]

Dear Wikimedians,

As you may be aware, the Wikimedia Foundation has started elections for community seats on the Board of Trustees. While previously there were three community seats on the Board, with the expansion of the Board to sixteen seats last year, community seats have been increased to eight, four of which are up for election this year.

In the last fifteen years of the Board's history, there were only a few candidates from the South Asian region who participated in the elections, and hardly anyone from the community had a chance to serve on the Board. While there are several reasons for this, this time, the Board and WMF are very keen on encouraging and providing support to potential candidates from historically underrepresented regions. This is a good chance to change the historical problem of representation from the South Asian region in high-level governance structures.

Ten days after the call for candidates began, there aren't any candidates from South Asia yet, there are still 10 days left! I would like to ask community members to encourage other community members, whom you think would be potential candidates for the Board. While the final decision is completely up to the person, it can be helpful to make sure that they are aware of the election and the call for candidates.

Let me know if you need any information or support.

Thank you, KCVelaga (WMF) 15:33, 19 जून 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

[Wikimedia Foundation elections 2021] Candidates meet with South Asia + ESEAP communities[बदल]

Dear Wikimedians,

As you may already know, the 2021 Board of Trustees elections are from 4 August 2021 to 17 August 2021. Members of the Wikimedia community have the opportunity to elect four candidates to a three-year term.

After a three-week-long Call for Candidates, there are 20 candidates for the 2021 election. This event is for community members of South Asian and ESEAP communities to know the candidates and interact with them.

  • The event will be on 31 July 2021 (Saturday), and the timings are:
  • India & Sri Lanka: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Bangladesh: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Nepal: 6:15 pm to 8:45 pm
  • Afghanistan: 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Pakistan & Maldives: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

KCVelaga (WMF), 15:30, 19 जुलय 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

2021 WMF Board election postponed until August 18th[बदल]

Hello all,

We are reaching out to you today regarding the 2021 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees election. This election was due to open on August 4th. Due to some technical issues with SecurePoll, the election must be delayed by two weeks. This means we plan to launch the election on August 18th, which is the day after Wikimania concludes. For information on the technical issues, you can see the Phabricator ticket.

We are truly sorry for this delay and hope that we will get back on schedule on August 18th. We are in touch with the Elections Committee and the candidates to coordinate the next steps. We will update the Board election Talk page and Telegram channel as we know more.

Thanks for your patience, KCVelaga (WMF), 09:19, 3 ऑगस्ट 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Election is open: 18 - 31 August 2021[बदल]

Voting for the 2021 Board of Trustees election is now open. Candidates from the community were asked to submit their candidacy. After a three-week-long Call for Candidates, there are 19 candidates for the 2021 election.

The Wikimedia movement has the opportunity to vote for the selection of community and affiliate trustees. By voting, you will help to identify those people who have the qualities to best serve the needs of the movement for the next several years. The Board is expected to select the four most voted candidates to serve as trustees. Voting closes 31 August 2021.

Read the full announcement and see translations on Meta-Wiki.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding voting. KCVelaga (WMF), 11:41, 18 ऑगस्ट 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

Universal Code of Conduct - Enforcement draft guidelines review[बदल]

The Universal Code of Conduct Phase 2 drafting committee would like comments about the enforcement draft guidelines for the Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC). This review period is planned for 17 August 2021 through 17 October 2021.

These guidelines are not final but you can help move the progress forward. The committee will revise the guidelines based upon community input.

Comments can be shared in any language on the draft review talk page and multiple other venues. Community members are encouraged to organize conversations in their communities.

There are planned live discussions about the UCoC enforcement draft guidelines:

Summaries of discussions will be posted every two weeks here.

Please let me know if you have any questions. KCVelaga (WMF), 11:54, 18 ऑगस्ट 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

[Reminder] Wikimedia Foundation elections 2021: 3 days left to vote[बदल]

Dear Wikimedians,

As you may already know, Wikimedia Foundation elections started on 18 August and will continue until 31 August, 23:59 UTC i.e. ~ 3 days left.

Members of the Wikimedia community have the opportunity to elect four candidates to a three-year term.

Here are the links that might be useful for voting.

We have also published stats regarding voter turnout so far, you can check how many eligible voters from your wiki has voted on this page.

Please let me know if you have any questions. KCVelaga (WMF), 11:10, 29 ऑगस्ट 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

Results of 2021 Wikimedia Foundation elections[बदल]

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Board election. The Elections Committee has reviewed the votes of the 2021 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees election, organized to select four new trustees. A record 6,873 people from across 214 projects cast their valid votes. The following four candidates received the most support:

  • Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight
  • Victoria Doronina
  • Dariusz Jemielniak
  • Lorenzo Losa

While these candidates have been ranked through the community vote, they are not yet appointed to the Board of Trustees. They still need to pass a successful background check and meet the qualifications outlined in the Bylaws. The Board has set a tentative date to appoint new trustees at the end of this month.

Read the full announcement here. MediaWiki message delivery (उलयात) 08:26, 8 सप्टेंबर 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

Universal Code of Conduct EDGR conversation hour for South Asia[बदल]

Dear Wikimedians,

As you may already know, the Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) provides a baseline of behaviour for collaboration on Wikimedia projects worldwide. Communities may add to this to develop policies that take account of local and cultural context while maintaining the criteria listed here as a minimum standard. The Wikimedia Foundation Board has ratified the policy in December 2020.

The current round of conversations is around how the Universal Code of Conduct should be enforced across different Wikimedia platforms and spaces. This will include training of community members to address harassment, development of technical tools to report harassment, and different levels of handling UCoC violations, among other key areas.

The conversation hour is an opportunity for community members from South Asia to discuss and provide their feedback, which will be passed on to the drafting committee. The details of the conversation hour are as follows:

You can also attend the global round table sessions hosted on 18 September - more details can be found on this page. MediaWiki message delivery (उलयात) 16:17, 10 सप्टेंबर 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

Movement Charter Drafting Committee - Community Elections to take place October 11 - 24[बदल]

This is a short message with an update from the Movement Charter process. The call for candidates for the Drafting Committee closed September 14, and we got a diverse range of candidates. The committee will consist of 15 members, and those will be (s)elected via three different ways.

The 15 member committee will be selected with a 3-step process:

  • Election process for project communities to elect 7 members of the committee.
  • Selection process for affiliates to select 6 members of the committee.
  • Wikimedia Foundation process to appoint 2 members of the committee.

The community elections will take place between October 11 and October 24. The other process will take place in parallel, so that all processes will be concluded by November 1.

For the full context of the Movement Charter, its role, as well the process for its creation, please have a look at Meta. You can also contact us at any time on Telegram or via email (wikimedia2030@wikimedia.org).

Best, RamzyM (WMF) 08:16, 22 सप्टेंबर 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

Proposal to add Modern English Konkani Dictionary entries to the Wiktionary using an automated script[बदल]

Isidore Dantas and Joel D'Souza have kindly released rights to their Modern English Konkani Dictionary under CC-BY-SA. For a long time, there have been discussions in our offline meetings and WhatsApp groups to add the entries from this dictionary into Wiktionary.

This dictionary has over 20,000 entries with translations of English words into Konkani. Some groundwork has already been done to put the data into a database format. We can use an automated script to add this information to the Konkani Wiktionary. Each entry created would be for an English word and contain translations into Konkani, and a reference. Please indicate your views on this proposal. The Discoverer (uloi) 22:12, 24 सप्टेंबर 2021 (IST)[जबाब]

I fully support this idea. As long as everything goes well. Just minimise the risk of misunderstandings... then it could add a lot of value to Konkani's presence online, in particular with a free, sharable dictionary. 22:26, 24 सप्टेंबर 2021 (IST) [The above comment offering support was by me, had not logged in! Fredericknoronha (उलयात) 22:27, 24 सप्टेंबर 2021 (IST)][जबाब]

Voting period to elect members of the Movement Charter Drafting Committee is now open[बदल]

Voting for the election for the members for the Movement Charter drafting committee is now open. In total, 70 Wikimedians from around the world are running for 7 seats in these elections.

Voting is open from October 12 to October 24, 2021.

The committee will consist of 15 members in total: The online communities vote for 7 members, 6 members will be selected by the Wikimedia affiliates through a parallel process, and 2 members will be appointed by the Wikimedia Foundation. The plan is to assemble the committee by November 1, 2021.

Learn about each candidate to inform your vote in the language that you prefer: <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Movement_Charter/Drafting_Committee/Candidates>

Learn about the Drafting Committee: <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Movement_Charter/Drafting_Committee>

We are piloting a voting advice application for this election. Click yourself through the tool and you will see which candidate is closest to you! Check at <https://mcdc-election-compass.toolforge.org/>

Read the full announcement: <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Movement_Charter/Drafting_Committee/Elections>

Go vote at SecurePoll on: <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Movement_Charter/Drafting_Committee/Elections>


Movement Strategy & Governance Team, Wikimedia Foundation

11:20, 13 ऑक्टोबर 2021 (IST)

"https://gom.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=विक्शनरी:Tintto&oldid=21851" चे कडल्यान परतून मेळयलें